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Our Adoptable Dogs


The Collie is a devoted family dog, especially with children. Although they require daily walks, they can also be couch potatoes. Despite the Rough Collie’s immense coat, they only need to be brushed about once a week, although the need for brushing may increase in shedding season. Collies are also a very clean breed and are noted for not having a doggie odor.


Shelties love their families, but may be reserved at first with strangers. As a herding dog, they can be inclined to bark at and herd people. Shelties thrive on the farm but adapt to many living situations if given proper exercise. The breed’s dense double coat requires regular maintenance.

Little Interlopers

Little Interlopers include dogs that’ve come into our system through various contacts, usually RMCSR volunteers. Although not full Collies or Shelties, they’re adorable and will be cared for until we find their forever home.

Other Possible Adoptees

Although the collies and shelties displayed above are the only ones currently available for adoption, we also have a variety of others that aren’t quite ready for placement. These include special needs babies that take a bit more work to get them ready for forever homes, new arrivals that we just don’t have enough contact and history with to place, as well as the occasional interloper that lands in our laps for adoption and can’t be disguised as a collie or a sheltie.

Please use the links below to check out any other babies we are working with that may be a good fit for your home. We’re confident they have a home with someone who finds there way to these treasures…

Special Needs

Not Yet Available



Rescuing dogs… it’s what we do and when we do, we make a lifelong commitment to care for them, no matter what. Your generous donation will help us keep our promise to our rescued dogs.

You can become a monthly dog sponsor or make a one time or recurring donation. All donations are so very much appreciated. Please click below for more information and to donate today!

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After Rescue, Adoption into forever homes is our never ending focus and goal. All dogs deserve to have a loving and caring forever home. We venture far and wide to find the best homes and families for our dogs.

Are you looking for your forever dog? We have Collies and Shelties living with foster families right now waiting for their forever families to come for them.

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It’s simple. Fosters save lives. In 2014 we saved 94 beautiful, at risk Collies and Shelties who are now cherished family members, thanks to fosters.

Volunteers are the heart of our organization and a key reason why we’re able to care for so many collies and shelties throughout the year.

From foster families to dog walkers, transporters and more… we need you!

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